Dear Emmanuel Family & Friends,

A few words

Thanks to everyone who came out to pray during at least one of the 15 prayer times during this week’s Week of Prayer.  We know that some of you couldn’t join us, but you prayed at home, work or school.  Seeking the Lord together on behalf of our church is truly one of the most vital things that we can do.  It is one of the ways that we acknowledge our need of Jesus in every area of our lives and ministries.  May He do things in us, through us and among us that only He can receive the credit for!


Last Sunday was the first Sunday of Epiphany.  Matthew 2:1-12 recounts the visit of the magi from the east to worship Jesus.  These pagan wise men were led by God to find the promised King of the Jews.  They laid precious gifts at His feet in worship, symbolizing His royalty, divinity and humanity.  They remind us that Jesus came for everyone — from everywhere.  We pray for missions, go on mission trips and support missionaries as we remember that Jesus told us to make disciples of all nations (people groups).  Have you considered how you might be a part of sharing the Gospel with the entire world?


This Sunday is the second Sunday of Epiphany.  We’ll be Studying Matthew 3:11-17, the baptism of Jesus by John the baptizer.  Why would Jesus, the only sinless person who ever lived, need to be baptized?  We’ll look at some possible answers together this Sunday.

Please pray for all three services this coming Sunday (9:30 & 11:15 am and the Connection at 6:00 pm.)

Grateful that we’re on this faith-journey together,