Lesson Title: Jesus is Risen!
Scripture: John 20:1-18
Our theme is SURPRISE

What’s happening in this story? 

This morning begins with confusion:  Mary Magdalene arrives in the garden to find the stone moved and the tomb empty!  Disciples arrive, then angels, and finally Jesus himself.  Out of the confusion, hope emerges, and Mary becomes the first to proclaim the good news that Jesus  has risen from the dead!

What does this story mean for kids?  

The story of Easter morning ends with Mary running to tell the disciples, ‘I have seen the Lord!’  We too, are called to proclaim the good news.  That’s the mission of our church bodies – no matter how fancy the words in our mission statement, we are called to proclaim the good news.  God is always at work.  In this story, kids learn that death and destruction are never the last word.  Grace, hope, and joy finish out the story.  

Why this theme?  

Many kids have already heard this story many times over the years in church and Sunday school.  But help them imagine the shock – the surprise! – of Mary and the disciples when they first realized Jesus was resurrected and had defeated death.  Help kids grasp that it was way more surprising than finding hidden Easter eggs or unwrapping a present in a box.  What if Jesus, his face beaming in love for us, walked through the door right now.   Easter is something like that!
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Taken directly from Whirl Sunday School Curriculum 2016

Whirl Classroom Sunday School Curriculum. Sparkhouse, 2016.