Strengthening Unity Within Diversity – Possible Action Steps

Reaffirming and reinforcing our commitment to Jesus, to our core beliefs, and to our vision, mission and values as gleaned from the bible, while cultivating healthy conversation around cultural and theological areas in which we accept and embrace diversity.


How will we accomplish this? By…
– Ongoing attention to the church calendar in worship and teaching.
– Annually revisiting and reaffirming our core beliefs, vision, mission and values in worship, teaching and communication (print and online).
– Regular community conversations to explore current cultural and theological issues (e.g., reconciliation with Indigenous communities, creation care, LGBTQ, racism, abortion, medical assistance in dying, pornography).

Strengthening Community Engagement – Possible Action Steps

Inspiring and encouraging the members of our community to share the love of Jesus with the communities around us through deed and word.
How will we accomplish this? By…
– Continuing to serve the wider community through initiatives like Support Groups, Scooters, ESL, Alpha, Pumpkin Bash and Summer Kids Camp, and through our ministry partnerships with The Bridge, IVCF International Students, Saskatoon Pregnancy Options Centre and Hope Restored Canada.
– Continuing to work at developing relationships with the community associations and schools around us (e.g., in the neighbourhoods of Wildwood and Lakeview).
– Exploring additional opportunities for outreach ministry around us and in our city (e.g., Sturby Place).

– Identifying and/or developing appropriate ways of sharing the gospel with our neighbours and friends (and equipping our community to engage with them).

Strengthening Spiritual Formation – Possible Action Steps

Deepening our passion and practices for becoming more Christ-like while acknowledging the uniqueness of each person’s spiritual journey.

How will we accomplish this? By…
– Continuing to provide multiple opportunities (courses, workshops, studies) and resources through the year for engaging in spiritual formation practices and encouraging greater participation.

– Encouraging greater participation in spiritual conversations and mutual mentoring among our community.

Strengthening Congregational/Generational Connections – Possible Action Steps

Fostering opportunities for greater inter-generational and cross-congregational interaction.

How will we accomplish this? By…

– Continuing to provide opportunities for multi-generational and inter-congregational gatherings of all kinds (fellowship, outreach, worship, prayer)

– Exploring new ways to foster stronger connections between the various ages of our community, healthy transitions between stages of life in our community, as well as deeper connections between our congregations.