Additional Comments

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Strengthening Congregational/Generational Connections

– Fostering (Continuing to foster?) opportunities for inter-generational and cross-congregational gatherings beyond what is currently being done.

Strengthening Spiritual Formation

– Developing/Cultivating/Deepening our Passion for becoming more Christ-like while acknowledging the diversity of our journeys.

Strengthening Community Engagement

– Inspiring our people (the members of our community) to serve and share the love of Jesus with the communities beyond us (around us?) through deed and word.

Strengthening Unity Within Diversity

– Reaffirming and strengthening our core commitments (to Jesus and his kingdom/statement of faith/beliefs/EBC’s vision/mission/values) while creating opportunities for conversation (cultivating healthy conversation?) within and among our two congregations regarding cultural issues and theological diversity.

– A commitment to strengthen our core (vision/mission/values/beliefs) while acknowledging the diversity within our two congregations.


What are we asking for?
Strengthening unity within diversity or affirming/exploring/deepening our diversity while maintaining unity?