Welcome to the Children’s Ministry page!  This is a unique time, and so we are endeavouring to come alongside you in unique ways.  

Here you will find several resources for you to consider as you and your child are invited to explore a Bible story every week and grow!  

The lesson plan is an overview for you, the caregiver.  The student leaflet is filled with ‘at home’ activities.  The bulletin is a ‘paper and pencil’ activity page that uses the week’s theme to assist in learning.  These resources are explained in greater detail in the lesson plan. 

If you do not have a printer and would like paper copies of this material, please contact me, Beverly at beverly@ebap.ca.  

Here is a suggested pathway through the lesson, though you are welcome to just choose whatever you like and work with that! 

1) Read through lesson plan by yourself. 

2) View the Whirl episode with your child. 

3) Discuss the questions in the lesson plan found in the ‘Welcome’ section.  

4) View ‘Beverly’s Bible Blurb’ and look up the week’s Bible passage. 

5) Read and discuss the questions found in the ‘Hear’ section of the lesson plan. 

6)Choose activities from the bulletin, and student leaflet.

7) Pray with your child.  
Thanks! Have fun!

Beverly Toth

Director of Family/Children’s Ministries

Emmanuel Baptist Church

(306) 477-1234 Ext. 143



September 13 – Creation

Lesson Title:  In the Beginning

Bible Story:  Genesis 1:1 – 2:4

The theme is order.  

This story is the beginning of the the beginning-the beginning of our collective story as a community of believers.  To understand the rest of the story, it’s important to know how it all started, with a powerful God who intentionally created the world.  And God called it all good.  For kids, it’s a glorious and inviting image of a God who is intimately involved with every aspect of the world.  

Video Segments
*The password for all videos is Whirl