Mar 21 LOVE

Lesson Title: The Greatest Commandment
Scripture: Matthew 22:34-40
Our theme is LOVE


What’s happening in this story?  

First, it should be noted that the Pharisees in this passage were not asking innocent questions.  They were hoping to trap Jesus.  Second, if you ask Christians,”How many commandments are there?” most will answer,”10″.  But first-century Jewish people would have answered, “There are 613”.  With so many commandments to keep track of, there was always a desire to organize and prioritize them, so the Pharisees’ question was not new.  But Jesus gave a profound response.  Jesus pointed out that all 613 commandments came from one source:  Loving God with all your heart and soul and mind.  

What does this story mean for kids?

Kids who have been part of a faith community have likely started to learn about the Ten Commandments.  Hopefully, they are learning that the commandments are not just a list of dos and don’ts.  Rather, they are guides to living a meaningful and full life – another way in which God provides for and blesses us.  

Why this theme?

Love for God and neighbor is the focus and purpose of all the commandments.  Kids may struggle to memorize the ten most famous commandments (imagine trying to remember all 613!), and words like adultery and covet are well beyond them at this age.  How fortunate that when we know “Love God; love others,” we know all we need to know.  
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Taken directly from Whirl Sunday School Curriculum 2016

Whirl Classroom Sunday School Curriculum. Sparkhouse, 2016.