Lesson Title: The Parable of the Sower
Scripture: Matthew 13: 1-9; 18-23
Our theme is PARABLE

What is happening in this story? 

This story takes place midway through Matthew and at a turning point in Jesus’ ministry.  The crowd includes people who are already following him, those trying to decide whether to follow, and those who are against Jesus entirely.  This parable names all of that out loud in metaphorical fashion, forcing introspection for listeners, and revealing to everyone that Jesus is acutely aware of who is with him.  

Why does this story matter for kids? 

By preschool, and certainly beyond, kids have likely planted seeds, or at least have noticed how plants grow.  They can picture a farmer tossing seed all around – explain that this is how planting used to be done – and can grasp that God tosses love around just as freely.  Careful explanation can help kids understand how our hearts are like soil where God’s love longs to take root, but that sometimes unhelpful things in the world get in the way.  Even if ‘birds’ or ‘thorns’ block the growth of God’s love in us one moment, Farmer God gives us sowing love.  

Why this theme? 

Parables can be confusing – just ask the disciples.   However, they are meant to take ordinary objects – things we understand – and use them to describe concepts that might otherwise be difficult.  Parables can be very useful in helping kids grasp the large, abstract concepts of faith.
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Taken directly from Whirl Sunday School Curriculum 2016

Whirl Classroom Sunday School Curriculum. Sparkhouse, 2016.