May 30 SHARE

Lesson Title: The Early Believers
Scripture: Acts 4: 32-35
Our theme is SHARE

What’s happening in this story?

This text gives us a peek into the earliest days of the Christian church.  The first believers to follow Jesus were Jewish.  But Acts gives us glimpses of what happened when Gentiles joined the fold.  Early Christians gathered in homes, in common rooms, by the river,etc.  They prayed.  They worshipped.  They learned the stories of God’s acts recounted in the Hebrew Scriptures – what we now call the Old Testament – and the stories of Jesus.  And they shared – to such an extent that no one was in need.  

What does this story mean for kids? 

This story describes a pretty radical community:  They share everything.  Nobody is in need.  It might sound a little threatening to kids – share everything?  But we can point out places where this is already the case, and where we are all better for it:  the board games we share and enjoy as a family, and the park and playground shared by our whole community.  

Why this theme? 

Sharing is hard, but kids innately know that it is a part of God’s plan for us.  We share not because it’s the right thing to do (even though it is) , but because we have been given so much by God that it spills over into other people’s lives.  
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Taken directly from Whirl Sunday School Curriculum 2016

Whirl Classroom Sunday School Curriculum. Sparkhouse, 2016.