Lesson Title: Many Follow Jesus
Scripture: Luke 5:1-11; 6:12-16; 8:1-3
Our theme is DISCIPLES

What’s happening in this story? 

The stories of Jesus calling followers demonstrate how he broke down society’s barriers to invite people into community and vocation.  In these passages Jesus first calls Simon Peter – a fisherman.  He then chooses twelve disciples from among those following him.  Finally, we are told Jesus also welcomed Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Susanna, ‘and many others’ as followers – unlikely disciples for the time not only because they were women but also because of their backgrounds.  Together, these stories capture the wide spectrum of Jesus’ followers and the inclusive spirit with which he calls people to join his work.  

What does this story mean for kids? 

This story helps introduce the topic of how Jesus breaks down barriers and looks past how the world thinks about power and influence.  To that end, Jesus is also inviting kids into a life of discipleship.  Help them consider how they can be disciples like those in the text-not by leaving everything they know, but by following Jesus here and now.  

Why this theme?

These stories of diverse people becoming disciples illuminate the fact that discipleship is accessible to everyone-adults, kids, males,females, and regardless of social standing, ability, or any other characteristic.  
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Taken directly from Whirl Sunday School Curriculum 2016

Whirl Classroom Sunday School Curriculum. Sparkhouse, 2016.