Strengthening Community Engagement – Possible Action Steps

Inspiring and encouraging the members of our community to share the love of Jesus with the communities around us through deed and word.
How will we accomplish this? By…
– Continuing to serve the wider community through initiatives like Support Groups, Scooters, ESL, Alpha, Pumpkin Bash and Summer Kids Camp, and through our ministry partnerships with The Bridge, IVCF International Students, Saskatoon Pregnancy Options Centre and Hope Restored Canada.
– Continuing to work at developing relationships with the community associations and schools around us (e.g., in the neighbourhoods of Wildwood and Lakeview).
– Exploring additional opportunities for outreach ministry around us and in our city (e.g., Sturby Place).

– Identifying and/or developing appropriate ways of sharing the gospel with our neighbours and friends (and equipping our community to engage with them).

4 Responses to “Strengthening Community Engagement – Possible Action Steps”

  1. Jan Nerenberg says:

    After working some of these community events, and hearing the stories of people who do not regularily go to church, again, I believe that these are important outreach programs and connection. I do not have anything else to add, except that as we strengthen our own homes, relationships and communities, we will be able to reach out to those around us.

  2. Cecilia says:

    I think effective discipleship of our community should always accompany our outreach efforts since it is in word and deed that we proclaim the Good News. How can we effectively share this Good News in our community if we are not equipped and ready to have the meaningful conversations we pray will arise?

  3. Betty Elmgren says:

    I am very pleased that we have these outreach programs coming from Emmanuel. I feel it is important that we keep these groups operating well and watch to keep the quality of them up. I believe the commitment to quality of these programs has been and is great but those who serve in these areas can become burned out if we don’t pay attention.
    Paying attention to opportunities in the community is a great idea as well.It can be a way to get more our Emmanuel community engaged.

  4. Dorothy says:

    Your three step approach in this action plan provides great vision. This has been well written.

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