Strengthening Congregational/Generational Connections

– Fostering (Continuing to foster?) opportunities for inter-generational and cross-congregational gatherings beyond what is currently being done.

7 Responses to “Strengthening Congregational/Generational Connections”

  1. Betty Elmgren says:

    I personally would like to feel more engaged with the connection gathering. I realize it is my own responsibility to make efforts to engage deeper with the evening congregation.i would love to get to know more who attend the connection and maybe find commonalities.We are all coming to Emmanuel to worship and develop relationships , so why not stretch ourselves to visit each other’s worship gatherings? i feel we should consider being more intentional about doing that.

  2. Elya says:

    I believe the wording should say “Fostering”, rather than “continue to foster”.

  3. Kent a. says:

    My question or comment would be how do you motivate people to do this is if it isn’t happening naturally? Should this really be an important strategic initiative or merely a continuing focus of programming? I think the later.

  4. Alan Barr says:

    The stated goal is too small and does not really capture the discussions thus far. More integrated gatherings would be a good step forward, but the goal for strengthened connections should be for an active working unity along the lines of Eph 4:16 From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.

  5. Dorothy says:

    Fostering is a better word choice and allows for more relevant foundation from which to develop new and fresh ideas of how this will be achieved notwithstanding what is already being done.

  6. Jenelle Lepp says:

    I have noticed and appreciated seeing more morning faces at the Connection as some have come to verbally deliver announcements about programing at Emmanuel that we might not normally get to hear. This may seem small, but I appreciate them taking the time to do this. I think that it is a step in strengthening connections. It helps with awareness of what is going on in this place (EBC) and gives the opportunity for support in prayer and/or participation. I suppose the challenge is to the Connection to return the gesture, get out of our comfort zones, and share with the morning service as the occasion arises.
    I was also so thrilled to be part of the “team” at VBS this summer. It was wonderful to see people of many ages and both congregations all working together side by side that week.
    For these reasons I would say “continuing to foster”

  7. Fraser says:

    I agree with both Kent and Allan, and would add:
    This takes commitment from people to invest in the lives of others.
    We do this naturally with our children, but need to also take scripture seriously when we, as a spiritual family, are to do the same. The older Christians are instructed by Paul to teach the younger.
    Allan’s quoted scripture tells us each to do the work that we have been given, as various parts of the body.
    Simply meeting as people of different generations for the sake of calling our church inter-generational does not accomplish the goal of scripture to build up the body of Christ. We do, however need to provide opportunity for different generations to get together, just to get to know each other.
    To make it personal, am I as a person that has walked with Christ for a significant amount of time, willing to pass any of the things that I have learned from that walk, along to others?

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