Strengthening Spiritual Formation – Possible Action Steps

Deepening our passion and practices for becoming more Christ-like while acknowledging the uniqueness of each person’s spiritual journey.

How will we accomplish this? By…
– Continuing to provide multiple opportunities (courses, workshops, studies) and resources through the year for engaging in spiritual formation practices and encouraging greater participation.

– Encouraging greater participation in spiritual conversations and mutual mentoring among our community.

6 Responses to “Strengthening Spiritual Formation – Possible Action Steps”

  1. Jan Nerenberg says:

    Would this be a good place to include small groups as a way of deepening our relationship with Christ adn each other?

  2. Brendon says:

    Jan, I assumed that small groups would fall under “studies” but we could certainly include them as a separate category if we felt that was necessary.

  3. Cecilia says:

    Mentoring is an important one. I think the Vantage Point curriculum attempted to promote this…maybe we need to be more intentional with creating time and space for these relationships to take root and flourish. This takes time and commitment. Are we willing and ready to invest in one another?

  4. Betty Elmgren says:

    i think both points are great. we could also promote other courses that might be offered in other churches, as well as those offered at Emmanuel.Mentorship is great, but I don’t recall it being promoted much lately.

  5. Dorothy says:

    Encouraging greater … among our community; this statement does evade the “action plan” component. I am struggling as to how to accomplish this; however, I do feel that this does need a bit of tweaking.

  6. Kari says:

    This is good, but there’s not much here about identifying a variety of spiritual practices. I’ve wondered a lot about what it could look like for us to take a more tailored approach to spiritual formation by recognizing the places of deficit and shame in our own communities experiences and then building out from there. I also recall there being a great deal of talk about a more varied approach to spiritual formation that I’m not seeing reflected in this language. Courses, studies, and workshops all sound like very academic approaches which is really great for some people, but can leave out the elements of diversity and creativity from our values statement. Method can be figured out down the road, but it might be a good idea to specify that we need to diversify our approach to make spiritual formation more accessible to more of our folks.

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