Worship is an active lifestyle that is fuelled by the Holy Spirit and nurtured through the weekly worship service.   Worship involves studying Scripture, wrestling with it, thinking about how faith relates to contemporary issues, using our will to make decisions.  It means doing things for God—enacting the Gospel in the everyday spaces of our living.  It means experiencing a relationship with God involving our emotions, our spirit—letting God into the deepest places our inner soul.  It means using our imaginations to evoke intimacy with our Creator. It means loving God with every fiber of our being, with every perceivable and imperceptible dimension of our existence. 

At Emmanuel we have incredibly gifted and dedicated people who serve in a variety of ways that fall under the worship umbrella.  There are music teams, a technical and sound team, visual artists, and dramatic artists.  Some of these teams are more formal in construct (i.e. music, technical and sound teams) while other teams come together around specific seasons or services (i.e. drama, the worship collective and art).  Regardless, the purpose of all of these teams is to aid us as a community in exploring the nature and heart of God and working to create opportunities for us to hear from and respond to God.

Here are some of the specific ministry opportunities that you may wish to explore:

– people to join our technical team – computer, powerpoint, and livestream during our weekly community gatherings
– people to look after sound during our weekly community gatherings
– musicians to take part in the weekly community gatherings
– people to be part of our seasonalWorship Collective
– artists and decorators to aid in creating the seasonal aesthetics for the church
– visual artists to contribute pieces to the Stations of the Cross
– graphic designers to help with special event kids bulletins
– writers to contribute to prayers & liturgies seasonally
If you have questions, or are interested in becoming involved, please contact rob at heypriest@gmail.com or

by phone at 306-477-1234 ext. 130 or Kari at kari@ebap.ca or by phone at 306-477-1234 ext. 133.

Vespers is our monthly evening gathering of readings, reflections, songs, and prayers shared in a more liturgical format. Everyone is welcome to attend; there is a craft table available for children at each Vespers gathering to help them interact with the evening’s theme in a more interactive way.
Vespers is typically at 6pm on the last Sunday of each month. Please check the calendar for details.